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Mach3 SEFS-HD is a revolutionary new, EPA Certified, environmentally friendly fuel additive designed to break down hydrocarbon molecule chains. This allows gas and diesel fuels to burn more completely, producing more efficient combustion which results in increased mileage and a reduction in harmful emissions. Mach3 will save you fuel, save you money and help save the environment.

What kind of results can I expect?
Official test results show that Mach3 increases fuel mileage over 16% in diesel engines. Trucking and rail industry representatives have reported actual mileage increases of over 25%. According to EPA approved testing Mach3 also drastically reduces harmful emissions up to an astounding 44% of Nox, 33% of CO and 7% of HC without an increase in CO2. Mach3 is clearly beneficial to you, your business, the environment and to future generations.

Tino Para of Bordertown Transportation
"our Freightliner FLD was averaging 5.8 mpg's... With the Mach 3, it jumped up to about 8 miles per gallon..."

Pete Jespersen of RailAmerica
We recorded a diesel fuel savings in the range of 23% +/- 3%... in four locomotives.
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Bobby Stolp of Raider Trucking
After 60 days and 46,000 miles of testing, Raider
gained 15.73% increase in fuel economy when
adding Mach3.

  • Saves fuel
  • Reduces emissions
  • Allows engine to run more smoothly
  • Increases power
  • Increases lubricity in diesel engines extending engine life
  • Reduces carbon built up saving in maintenance costs
  • With Mach3 you can use regular gas for greater savings
  • Reduces risk of breast cancer caused by NOx
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